NIQAVIE is local and international brand for NIQAB, KHIMAR & HIJAB SYARIE.


Stylish and Comfortable

Niqavie Boutique was founded by a group of fashion-forward individuals who saw the need for stylish and comfortable niqabs in the market. Their love for quality craftsmanship and dedication to modest fashion led to the creation of this unique boutique.

Mission and Values

At Niqab Niqavie, we are committed to providing women with elegant niqab options that empower them to express their personal style while upholding their beliefs. We value inclusivity, quality, and innovation in all aspects of our brand.

Quality Fabric

We take pride in selecting only the finest fabrics for our niqabs, ensuring a luxurious feel and long-lasting durability. From soft chiffon to breathable cotton, each niqab is crafted with comfort and quality in mind.