Instant Shawl Labuh Balqis



Balqis by #Niqavie

🚩 Please READ detail and Review before submit Order 👇
Lenght for shawl depends on weight/heights customer.
Take measurement BEFORE buy or just inbox for any question. 🤗😘

🚩Attention: Model Weight 50kg/Height 158cm).

✅Plus Size – Extra Labuh,sesuai untuk yang suka labuh macam khimar atau mereka yang tinggi 155cm keatas.


♦️niqab/purdah not included
Nak purdah tali sedondon sama warna shawl,sila tekan TAMBAH PURDAH @niqab . 1qty = 1pcs

🚩 Price
Normal: RM49/each
Promotion: Black RM39/each & Others RM45/each
Adds On 1pcs Purdah String RM12 or Niqab Full Curve RM19 in SAME COLOUR SET.

Material: Chiffon Georgette/Heavy Chiffon
( Depends stock colour)
1m x 2.1m -/+ ( Fit size to 3XL)
Opaque: 9/10 Dark – 8/10 Pastel Colour.
Type: Instant Wide Shawl
Open Face – 10′ – 11′ -+ inci Random.
✅ Flowy
✅ Long Shawl ( Plus Size )
✅ Instant (1 loop)
✅ Variation Colour Dark/Pastel

🚩 Opacity memerlukan inner kecuali ada kemahiran melilit shawl.

➡️ The measure maybe less or more 0.5-1 inci effect from fabric strecth.
➡️ The colour in picture not same 100% effect from resolution camera & lighting.
➡️ Maybe need using inner depends on your style or taste.

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